Universal Nutrition Animal Flex 44 Pack | New packing


The Complete Joint Support Vitamin Stack
Helps Support Healthy Joints And Ligaments
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Between bone and joint health and connective tissue strength you have a lot of bases to cover. One ingredient or pill just won’t cut it. Animal Flex combines everything you need into one convenient pack. If pills aren’t your thing, Flex powder has you covered. Protect, lubricate, and strengthen head to toe with one pack of Flex or one scoop of Flex Powder a day.*

None of us are exempt from the side effects of aging. Whether you’re working a desk job, doing construction, or waiting tables the body was not designed to withstand the wear and tear over the years. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or powerlifter training beyond human limitations to be put out of commission due to interior issues. Animal Flex can play a preventative role in anyone’s daily supplement regiment.

  • Connective tissue health*
  • Lubricates joints*
  • Reduces soreness from exercise*
  • Supports cartilage health*
  • Essential vitamin/mineral for joint health
  • Maximum absorption




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